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Most all fundraising programs include a student/member award program. Our awards programs are flexible enough to customize any award or prize! And, any online store orders will potentially increase the number of awards earned.

Cumulative Awards Program

A cumulative award program is typically used for school-wide, and larger group, fundraisers. This type of program includes a number of levels, based on the number of items sold. When a member achieves a certain level, all prizes up to the earned level will be received. The MKFR cumulative program is proud to offer an XBox, or similar valued award, as low as 90 items! We can easily include an IPAD at the same level, just ask!

We suggest you combine your School's fundraiser with an MKFR Educational Show. If you don't like the thought of snakes in your school, we can include raffle awards, teachers' incentives, and/or top seller prizes - based on sales volume.

Group Awards Program

Many groups, and some school-wide, fundraisers will include a modified awards program. These programs can include participation prizes, raffle awards, and top seller awards. Our creativity, like the Lollipop Awards Program or IPAD raffle, is second-to-none.

Other group incentive options inclue the Pick-A-Prize program. This program provides awards selections, based on sales volume.

School Collectibles

A popular (elementary school) incentive add-on are collectibles. Regardless of program (duckies, frogs, penguins, hippos, etc.), we have them! And, our suppliers are constantly adding new collectible items. This program provides lanyards & collectibles for students to earn. As students earn their collectibles, other students will sell to earn their collectibles, and your fundraiser sales increase.

Principal Events

Get your Principal involved! Students love interacting with their Principal, and teachers! When used with a fundraiser, your sales can blossom. There is no limit to the number of Principal Event options, all of which will help your fundraiser succeed. Again, our creativity is your gain!

Contact Us to boost your fundraiser sales with a popular, or customized, awards program!


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