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Sometimes, there's one piece of the puzzle that doesn't fit right. You may not know what that piece is, but it leaves you, your group, and your customers with a "bad taste". With over 15 years of experience, we can help you discover this piece. Then, we will help and adjust to ensure your fundraising experience is the best!

Many of the following services & support items are offered with every fundraiser or purchase ~ and, they're usually FREE! Those that are not, are probably not needed ~ for example, you don't need a pre-sorted chocolate bar delivery; you need the chocolate delivered on the best date for your group.

Before you dive into our services, please know...YOUR PROFIT IS YOUR PROFIT! There are no Hidden Costs in our program. If you need to return a few school supply packs, there is no restocking fee! If you have certain circumstances, we will do everything for you/your group ~ without additional cost!


FUNDRAISER/SELLING MATERIALS. Any brochures, money collection envelopes, parent letters, and/or order forms will be provided for ALL your members. Certain programs will also include advertising posters.

STUDENT/MEMBER INCENTIVE PROGRAM. Most fundraisers include a cumulative prize program. MKFR is very flexible when creating a prize program for your group. We can use your successful program, or create a new one. Educational Shows will be offered to every school/campus; these Shows must be earned to remain free to the school/campus.

CLIENT WEBPAGE & E-News EMAIL TEMPLATE. All brochure/order-taking fundraisers will include a client webpage. All clients will also receive an "E-News Email" template. The webpage will include all program information & dates, as well as school/group goals, appropriate links, student/member incentives & online ordering information and links. The E-News Email will include all pertinent information, and should be emailed to your group's families to promote sales.

MKFR ONLINE STORE. A proven sales booster! The Online Store will be included with every brochure/order-taking fundraiser. Groups using a direct sell product/program should ask about the easiest way to use the Online Store.

KICKOFF, for qualified programs. All school-wide programs will receive an Entertaining, Enthusiastic & Energetic kickoff. Kickoffs are often considered the "necessary evil" of fundraising ~ we hate disrupting an educational day, but a Fundraiser Kickoff will boost your sales, guaranteed. If your school is outside the immediate area of an MKFR agent, we can discuss other incentives for a self-run kickoff.

ORDER PROCESSING & TALLYING, REPORTING, DISCREPANCY REPORTING. MKFR will receive your orders (via pickup, email or UPS), total & tally all orders, and provide meaningful reports. If applicable, we will provide a Discrepancy Report ~ a report showing students/members with over- or under-payments.

PRE-SORTED PRODUCT DELIVERY. Assuming respective minimum orders are met, your order will be pre-sorted by student/member [even by grade/team/period, if requested]. MKFR was the first to offer pre-sorted cookie dough deliveries as a standard service. We will not let our clients down ~ your products will be delivered in a manner promoting efficient distribution! FINE PRINT NOTE: MKFR will do everything to pre-sort your products, however, certain programs may be delivered in bulk, based on group location [don't worry, if this occurs, you will know about it before you decide to run the respective fundraising program].

PRE-SCHEDULED DELIVERY DATES. A HUGE Service! In a world of busy-busy people, students/members/families need to know when fundraising products, school supplies, or other items will be delivered. Yes, even your frozen product fundraiser will have a pre-scheduled delivery date, before you start your fundraiser! No more "we'll let you know within a week of delivery" ~ your group can plan accordingly for product distribution.

PRODUCT DELIVERY SETUP. For school-wide fundraisers, within appropriate areas, an MKFR agent will set up products for distribution. For school supply deliveries, we will aid in preparing the supplies for pick up. Bottom line, you are not alone ~ MKFR will be there for you every step of the way.

POST-DELIVERY ISSUES. Although very rare, there are occasional post-delivery issues. MKFR will work 1-on-1 with your customer [because you are/your group is busy]. All issues will be resolved to your customer's satisfaction, no questions asked.

100% GUARANTEE. On all products & prizes, on all programs, we stand behind everything we do.


EDUCATIONAL SHOWS. The MKFR Educational Show requires a minimum school/campus amount. This minimum may be achieved through fundraising, school supplies, and/or other product purchases. Educational Shows will be offered, with a school/group cost, to those schools achieving at least $10,000 in sales.

MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY. Most fundraising programs require a minimum order. If a fundraiser is below the minimum, MKFR will do everything to deliver your products, however, the group may incur reduced profits or shipping charges. MKFR will address these isolated incidents on a case-by-case basis.


When applicable, State Sales Tax is included in brochure prices. Sales taxes are collected, and remitted, by MKFR.

We tried to address all questions, but know we cannot. Contact us with your group's needs, and we'll address them!


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