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A perfect combination!

The MKFR Educational Show is a perfect school/organization goal prize. These Shows are proven sales boosters. Our clients have experienced first year sales increases over 25%!! Further, clients' sales remain higher by continuing to offer an educational show.

Our most popular shows include a Reptile Show, BMX exhibition, and a Morris Brothers Assembly. If you have an alternative, let us know. After confirming the educational aspect, we will include the show in your fundraiser's incentive program.

Again, our creativity is your gain. We not only offer the Show, but will adjust the awards program to increase sales. How much would your student want to sell to sit front row, close to the action?

Reptile Show

Our leader will bring live reptiles to your school! The 30-45 minute presentation will educate your students on all four different reptile types. He will not only discuss each reptile group, but walk around the crowd for closer inspection. Examples of different snakes, turtles, lizards, and crocodilians will be discussed and shown.

After the Show, students will enjoy the touch-n-go session! Before they head back to the classroom, students have the opportunity to touch a (very much alive) croc, tortoise, and snake! This is a great picture opportunity for teachers and families.

BMX Exhibition

Educate your students on Red Ribbon Week, drug awareness, and bike safety. The BMX Exhibition is fun for boys and girls! Riders perform stunts & skits between quick discussion sessions. Students and Administrators are often involved in stunts. Wrap-up the exhibition with photo-op's and autographs - as part of our creative modifications to your fundraising program.

Morris Brothers Assembly

The popular Morris Brothers are available to help your fundraiser! Choose from (6) different elementary or (2) middle school assembly topics. The NERDs (Never Ending Radical Dudes) will capture the attention, and hearts, or your students. Every 50 minute presentation delivers your selected educational message in a humorous way via music, skits, comedy and audience participation.

Morris Brothers elementary assembly topics include Drug Awareness, Bully Busters, State Test Taking Pep Rally, Character Education, Classroom Behavior, or Wellness. Middle school topics include State Test Taking Pep Rally or Character Education.

How do we get our show FREE!

There is a price to the FREE Educational Show. Your price is only $25,000! When your school's fundraiser exceeds $25K, you will receive a FREE Educational Show! It's that simple, and easy.

MKFR wants every opportunity to help educate your students. If your fundraiser will not exceed $25K, you have a couple options. First option: a percentage of the cost will be passed to your school for sales over $10K. This provides your campus a "program", when combined with your fundraiser, for less than purchasing the "program" outright.

Another option for FREE Educational Shows: if the total campus MKFR purchases exceed $25K, bazinga! For example, combine any of the school's: fall & spring school-wide fundraisers, school group/club fundraisers, school supply program, apparel purchases, promotional items, Further example: combine the $10K fall fundraiser, $8K spring fundraiser, and the $7K school supply order to achieve a FREE Show!

Contact Us to boost your fundraiser sales with a FREE Educational Show!


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