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"They say" the average person changes careers 7 times in a lifetime! Other reports support a person "enjoying" over 11 jobs during his/her career. While those stats are debated by the experts, you were guided to this page to consider your opportunities.

We should first consider your internal makeup:

  • Do you enjoy helping others?
  • Do you have contacts with group leaders/principals that fundraise?
  • Are you looking for an opportunity to make [extra] money?

If so, MKFR can train you to become a successful agent!

MKFR offers 2 very different programs designed for your success.

AGENT [Full-Time]:

An MKFR Agent answered yes to the above questions, with passion! Whether you are currently in the fundraising industry, or considering a change, MKFR will equip you with the information & knowledge to become a successful agent.

HELPING OTHERS. Agents are constantly helping others ~ individuals, families, small clubs, school groups, principals, PTAs/PTOs.

YOUR CURRENT CONTACT LIST ~ THEN, DIVE INTO THE THOUSANDS OF FUNDRAISING ORGANIZATIONS ~ NEXT, TALK TO THE SAME SCHOOL ABOUT OTHER PRODUCTS & PROGRAMS. Use your current list to get started. After that, think of the youth groups, schools (public & private), middle & high school groups, leagues for all sports, and individuals that need to fundraise. Now, MKFR equips you with the products & programs to talk to the same contact list about other programs. For example, talk to the PTA about fundraising, and school supplies! Talk to the Little League Board about fundraising, and team uniforms & trophies!

MONEY. Your earning potential is unlimited at MKFR! After considering the thousands of potential clients, you will earn top commissions on their sale. Use the advance program to earn $5K/month, even during the slow months. Or, use the referral program, see below, to ,

FREE STUFF. MKFR will take care of the client's needs so you can continue selling. No need to worry about fundraising brochures, envelopes, parent letters ~ MKFR will handle it. You will receive an advertising allowance, based on sales volume. Don't pay for another prize program, we have it covered.

MORE FREE STUFF. MKFR will process the orders, provide needed reports, and help coordinate delivery dates. Basically, all standard services will be provided to ensure your success!

100% GUARANTEE. On all products & prizes, on all programs, we stand behind everything we do.


SPEC's. The MKFR Referral Program was designed for 2 individual types. The first is the potential Agent. The second with a number of contacts, and desires to make a little extra money. This program is very basic ~ you refer the potential clients to MKFR, we close & service the client, and you get paid!

For the potential Agent, starting with the referral program is a great way to build your customer base. When your referral base gets large enough, you can become an Agent, and inherit your referred clients, for full Agent commission!

For those looking to make a little extra money, the Referral Program is perfect. After your referral, and their fundraiser/school supplies program/product purchase, you will receive the referral commission!

REFERRAL TIME FRAME. Indefinite! Yes, you will continue to receive your referral commissions long after the initial referral. MKFR will advise & provide clients with the best programs & products ~ you will be associated with that client, indefinitely.


Over 15 years ago, Mark left his Dallas CPA job to start MKFR. There have been many industry changes and business tweaks to build a successful business. Thanks to God's blessings, MKFR is able to help others create their success story. Listen to Mark's, yes it started in his garage!

If you have not found the path, let alone the road, to success...this can be it! Contact Mark for a consultation, or to schedule a meeting!


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