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Prepackaged School Supplies that will not be beat!

Save Time & Money with prepackaged school supplies. Don't drive to 5 stores to get everything on 1 list! When using MKFR & Best-in-Class, we already worked with your school/teachers to ensure the products they want/need are included in a prepackaged kit.

Our school supply program is designed to meet the needs of everyone. To get started, simply email, or fax, your supply list. Here are the School Supply Program highlights:

New in 2016!

  • Sponsorship Option: The Reusable Tote Bag includes a customized print. Use this printing space to advertise your sponsors and supporters! Just another way we are looking out for your bottom line.
  • Packaging Options: Choose from a handled box, heavy-duty draw-cord bag, or the popular Reusable Tote Bag.

For the Student

  • Quality Name Brand products like Crayola, Elmer's, Fiskars, Mead, and more!
  • When applicable, products are tested for safety, and approved by leading authorities
  • Presharpened pencil options
  • Our standard paper folders are heavy weight for durability

For the Parent

  • Convenience - need we say more? Save time & money with a school supply pack purchase. No need to visit multiple stores, or look for a hard-to-find item. We have everything the teachers want in one pack!
  • Quality Name Brand products
  • Pick-up prior to the start of school
  • Online ordering is available. Packs ordered online are delivered with the school's order.
  • Home delivery option is available!

For the Teacher

  • Quality, standardized prepackaged school supplies that they selected
  • Name Brand products
  • Start the year off right, with supplies delivered prior to the first day
  • Presharpened pencils saves time

For the School (& Administering Group)

  • FREE materials: student/parent flyers, school posters, and school yard signs
  • FREE Sample Display Kit (please request a couple!)
  • The BEST Price - you get the best price regardless of timing; don't wait for rebates, our price includes all discounts
  • Availability to ALL Brands & Items
  • Prescheduled Delivery Dates with FREE (Inside Delivery) Shipping
  • Online ordering, with online orders shipped with the school's order
  • If the delivery calendar allows it, an MKFR agent will assist in setting up the packs for distribution.
  • SYG: School Year Guarantee on all non-consumable products
  • Consignment Packs are available, with no restocking fee for returns!

Volume Bonus

When your school purchases a minimal number of packs, you will receive a Volume Bonus selection. Selections change every year, but will always include a copy paper option - every School/PTA/PTO can use copy paper! Check out the Volume Bonus incentive; if you would like a different product, just ask!

Principals & Purchasing Agents

If you need a competitive quote on a bulk purchase, simply email, or fax, your need to us. We'll ensure you get a great price, with supplies delivered on time.

Contact Us with questions, or for a Prepackaged School Supply Quote!


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