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The Ultimate Frozen Brochure!

NEW for 2015-16: 2 new cheesecakes! More mixes!

The MKFR Ultimate Gourmet brochure is designed for success. This brochure offers something for everyone. The Ultimate Gourmet changes every school year to provide the freshest options. People often ask: why do cookie dough programs continue to succeed? Well, they provide a product that WILL BE CONSUMED!

Item prices range from $16 to $30, and include the following frozen product categories:

  • Individually Portioned Cookie Dough - 9 popular flavors + 1 Combo pack: 1/2 chocolate chip + 1/2 white macadamia nut
  • Playtime Dough - a great-tasting fun dough for the kiddo(s)
  • Game Day Pizza Packs - 3 varieties
  • Creamy Cheesecakes - 5 choices, including a variety, Reese's, & Oreo cheesecake options
  • Dessert Rolls - 2 rolls/breads + Garlic Knots!
  • Homemade Gourmet mixes - 7 popular dessert & dip mixes - the cinnamon monkey bread is a stellar dessert!
  • Cobblers - 3 very popular flavors
  • With 31 options, there's something for everyone!
Up to 50% profit - on every item!

View the brochure...

An Ultimate Gourmet fundraiser is very easy. Simply plan, sell, order, and receive your pre-sorted products. With only a 100 item minimum, any small group will find success with this fundraiser.

The Ultimate Gourmet brochure + one of the FREE Educational Shows = Proven Fundraising Success!

See our Services page for complete services. All Ultimate Gourmet fundraisers include fundraiser/incentive consultation, free materials, order tallying & reports, pre-sorted delivery, and a pre-scheduled delivery date (subject to timely order submission).

School-wide Ultimate Gourmet fundraising programs also receive an entertaining/encouraging/enthusiastic kickoff.

All Ultimate Gourmet fundraisers will include access to the MKFR Online Store!

Check out our Incentives page for awards ideas!

Contact Us with questions, or to schedule your Ultimate Gourmet fundraiser!


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