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Best Taste ~ Perfect Price ~ Perfect Profit!


TAKE THE TASTE TEST! You will quickly taste the difference!

Delicious Signature Chocolates Chocolate Bars are a high profit, easy to sell fundraiser that is safe for the 1.5% of children affected by peanut allergies. All our SIGNATURE CHOCOLATE BARs are guaranteed to be entirely PEANUT-FREE, manufactured in a PEANUT-FREE facility.

The SIGNATURE CHOCOLATE BAR Fundraiser specifics include:

  • 1 Case Minimum
  • 60 bars/carrier -- 4 carriers/case = 240 bars/case
  • 40% Profit [to start] -- Up to 50% Profit [based on volume]
  • Free shipping

The DOLLAR BARs come in 5 different flavors:

  • Caramel ~ 16 pcs/carrier
  • Almond ~ 20 pcs/carrier
  • Crisp ~ 10 pcs/carrier
  • Milk Chocolate ~ 6 pcs/carrier
  • Dark Chocolate ~ 8 pcs/carrier

The SIGNATURE CHOCOLATE BAR Fundraiser is most popular with middle or high school groups.

MKFR can have your group supplied with SIGNATURE CHOCOLATES chocolate bars within 1-5 days!
NOTE: During
summer/high heat months, shipments may be delayed, or shipped at extra cost.

Check out our Incentives page for awards ideas! For example, raffle off an Apple Watch or an IPAD ~ that will get your group selling!

Contact Us with questions, or to schedule your Chocolate Bar Fundraiser!


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