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Holiday Fundraising Donation Brochure

The Signature in-house design team lovingly crafts countless items for top retail stores ~ these items and thoughts are available for your fundriasing program! The high quality products, wrapping papers, and gift items, along with old-fashioned chocolates & edibles, will leave a lasting impression on all customers! Additional brochure spec's include:

  • Household & Baking Utensils
  • High Quality Wrapping Paper
  • Chocolates, Gummies, and Snacks
  • Jewelry
  • Home Decor Items
  • Gifts for any relative, male or female
  • Many kids items/gift thoughts
Up to 50% profit - on every item!

View the brochure...

The Signature Gift Collection fundraiser is very easy: simply plan, sell, order, and receive your pre-sorted products. With NO MINIMUM, any small group will find success with this fundraiser.

The Signature Gift Collection brochure + one of the FREE Educational Shows = Proven Fundraising Success!

See our Services page for complete services. All holiday brochure fundraisers include fundraiser/incentive consultation, free materials, order tallying & reports, pre-sorted delivery, and a pre-scheduled delivery date (subject to timely order submission).

School-wide fundraising programs also receive an entertaining/encouraging/enthusiastic kickoff.

Check out our Incentives page for awards ideas!

Contact Us with questions, or to schedule your Signature Gift Collection fundraiser!


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