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Better Ingredients.
Better Pizza.
Better Pizza Card!

You know the pizza; you LOVE the pizza! Austin & San Antonio area schools/groups can offer the Papa John's Discount Card for huge profits! These cards have helped group members raise serious money...there are many families that have raised over $1,000 individually to pay for upcoming trips & events. Don't miss this opportunity!

The Papa John's Discount Card program looks like this:

  • $15 Suggested Retail
  • $10 Profit/card (with 100 cards ordered)
  • Unlimited Usage for 1 Year
  • Austin area: Buy 1 Lg ~ Get 1 Free [of equal/lesser value]
  • San Antonio [& West Texas] area: Buy 1 ~ Get 1 Medium 2 Topping Free
  • Carryout only ~ Menu prices
  • If 50-99 cards ordered: $9 Profit
  • Free shipping

Super Bowl Sunday is the day Americans eat the most pizza. We can plan your DEC/JAN sale for this event. Or, start your group's own traditional Papa John's card fundraiser.

MKFR can provide a basic order form to allow your members to take orders. Although, the best successes come from having cards in-hand, ready for direct sale.

The Papa John's program is generally used by middle or high school groups.

Not located between Georgetown and San Antonio? Contact us for a pizza card near your school. There's always one!

See our Services page for complete services.

Check out our Incentives page for awards ideas! For example, raffle an IPAD or Apple Watch ~ that will get your group selling!

Contact Us with your questions, or to schedule your Papa John's fundraiser!


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