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The MKFR Online Store offers a wide selection of items, to everyone in the continental U.S. The Online Store is always used with brochure fundraisers, but can also be used as a "stand-alone" fundraising option.

The MKFR Online Store creates more sales via:

  • Allowing members to customize the store ~ each registrant can upload a picture for personalization!
  • Providing a way for registrants to email friends & family ~ and, the uploaded picture will be included in each email!
  • Not requiring extra steps at checkout ~ customers simply need

Up to 50% profit!

Free Shipping for all orders over $80!

To view the current store, simply click here...

NOTE: You can use the above link to support any group! Simply click, browse, and checkout. During checkout, you will be asked for group information. MKFR will use this info to mail a profit check to the School/Group! No need to register, just forward the link [although, we do suggest contacting us to register your group, you will have access to more services & reports].

The Online Store will be a part of every brochure fundraiser!

If you would like to offer the online store with your direct sell (candy, beef jerky, pretzel rods) fundraiser just ask! We'll get you registered & selling.

Contact Us with your questions, or to register your school/group for an Online Store Fundraiser!


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