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Silly Name ~ Serious Profits!

They are called Dodo Bags to bring to mind the Dodo bird which was forced into extinction very quickly by the actions of man. When you do a Dodo Bag reusable shopping bag fundraiser, it is important to remind people just how profound an impact we can all have on this beautiful planet of ours. A Dodo Bag fundraiser will help our planet, one shopping trip at a time!

The Dodo Bag Company continually updates their product offering. Now, in addition to the reusable canvas shopping bags, you’ll find 24 different bags and totes. Dodo Bag items are made in America from unbleached cotton, a renewable resource. Along with being versitile, Dodo Bags are extremely fashionable.

The Dodo Bag fundraising brochure offers something for everyone - women, men, kids, athletes & students. It also includes:

  • 35 different items
  • Prices from $11-$30
  • Contemporary Designs & Colors
  • Very low 20 bag minimum
40% profit!

View the brochure...

The Dodo Bag fundraiser is popular with middle/high school groups, teams, and other small-medium sized organizations. It is also a suggested add-on to certain MKFR fundraising programs.

See our Services page for complete services. All Dodo Bag fundraisers include fundraiser/incentive consultation, free materials, order tallying & reports, pre-sorted delivery, and a pre-scheduled delivery date (subject to timely order submission).

School-wide fundraising programs also receive an entertaining/encouraging/enthusiastic kickoff.

All Dodo Bag fundraisers will include access to the MKFR Online Store!

Check out our Incentives page for awards ideas!

Contact Us with your questions, or to schedule your Dodo Bag fundraiser!


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