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The Ultimate Beverage Collection

Nothing starts the morning better than a delicious cup of hot, gourmet coffee. The Ultimate Beverage Collection fundraiser is a great way to offer delicious coffee and beverage products as a part of your organization's fundraising. With 99% of American households drinking coffee, tea or smoothies, this product is customer friendly. Additionally, Boston's Best Coffee Roasters is an award-winning company, known for their gourmet coffees and beverages.

The Ultimate Beverage Collection features 8 varieties of rich and smooth ground gourmet coffees including donut shop, French vanilla, and a delicious Jamaican Me Crazy (caramel vanilla). There is also a heavenly vanilla chai tea and rich French vanilla cappuccino. Don't forget the hot cocoa or hot apple cider. For those that prefer something cold, the program offers simple smoothie mixes and a tasty refreshing raspberry iced tea.

Up to 50% profit - on every item!

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If you're looking for a coffee direct sell program...Boston's Best has one! 52 packets per draw-string backpack. Only $1 each; each packet makes 10-12 cups of gourmet coffee. Earn up to 50%.

Coffee fundraising programs "work well with others" ~ add it to a cookie dough or food fundraiser to boost sales.

See our Services page for complete services. All coffee/beverage fundraisers include fundraiser/incentive consultation, free materials, order tallying & reports, pre-sorted delivery, and a pre-scheduled delivery date (subject to timely order submission).

All Boston's Best Coffee fundraisers will include access to the MKFR Online Store!

Check out our Incentives page for awards ideas!

Contact Us with questions, or to schedule your Ultimate Beverage Collection fundraiser!


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