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Over 80% of American households subscribe to magazines! Your customer knows the value of their magazine subscription! Simply ask your customers to renew their subscription through your School/Group. A magazine fundraiser does not need to create sales, simply divert current purchases/renewals to your School/Group! That's EASY Fundraising.

New subscribers can choose from popular titles like O, Food Network, Good Housekeeping, People, & hundreds more!

The Rally for Reading Program and Parade of Magazines are two different programs, with one goal: your fundraising success thru magazines.

The American Publishers Rally for Reading magazine fundraiser offers the following in a simple & small brochure. Subscription lengths are a full year, thus allowing your school/group to use the program in subsequent years, without damaging your sales.

  • Over 150 of the Most Popular Titles
  • Combo offers
  • Gift Cards
  • Digital Subscriptions
  • A perfect addition to certain other MKFR fundraising programs.
  • Open the brochure here...

The American Publishers Parade of Magazines is a voucher program. Students/members use the brochure to sell a $15 or $20 voucher to their customer. When delivered, customers use the voucher to renew or buy their desired subscription.

  • Popular Titles at Huge Discounts ~ over 800 of them!
  • Digital Subscriptions
  • 2-for-1 and 3-for-1 Combo Offers
  • Multi-year Offers
  • Gift Cards
  • Online Ordering
  • Open the brochure here...

Up to 50% profit!

Don't forget to offer our Educational Shows to guarantee fundraising success!

See our Services page for complete services. All AP Magazine fundraisers include fundraiser/incentive consultation, free materials, order tallying & reports, and presorted & prescheduled delivery (applicable to the voucher program). Another Rally for Reading perk, there's no delivery, the Post Office will deliver the magazines.

School-wide fundraising programs also receive an entertaining/encouraging/enthusiastic kickoff.

All magazine fundraisers will include access to the MKFR Online Store!

Check out our Incentives page for awards ideas!

Contact Us with questions, or to schedule your American Publishers Magazine Fundraiser!


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